Which hair color suits you best?

Are you also curious to know what hair color suits you best according to your face and personality? Then take this quiz about which hair color suits me the best.

Which color suits my personality?

See which color suits your personality the best by taking this quiz.

Which hair color suits you?

Do you also want to know what hair color suits you apart from your natural hair color then take this quiz and find out.


Black hair shows that you are interested in spirituality, poetry, and religion. You are serious and self centered. 


If you have fair skin colour then this colour will suit you the best. It symbolises stability and poise. 


Blonde hair is associated with femininity and the greek goddess aphrodite. It represents feminine, youthful, naive and obedient. 


You are a romantic, passionate, and fiery person. If you are excited and explosive this colour is for you.