What kind of monster are you?

Do ever sit and wonder if not a hero what kind of monster can you be? most people want to become heroes and supernatural beings but there are some who want to know what type of monster tey are. so here is a quiz to find out what type of monster are you?

What monster am I?

Are you curious to know what monster are you? then let's not wait and take this quiz because this can be really interesting and fun to find out what kind of monster you are. Everyone wants to be a hero and a good character you are here and curious to know so take this quiz and let's see what scary monster are you?

What monster suits my personality?

Well this question can only be answered after you take this quiz. Everyone has that mad side of their personality that can match their personality with a scary powerful monster. This quiz is made with the purpose of you to find what monster are you? or which monster suits your personality when your on your bad side. 

King kong

King Kong is an enormous gorilla or a huge sized ape as well. He is one of the most famous monsters. 


Godzilla is an enormous destructive, sea monster awakened by nuclear radiation. He is huge in size and powerful. 


Frankenstein is an 8-foot tall monster and very ugly. he has yellowish skin and a taut body. 


Ware wolf is a human-wolf hybrid monster. He has human traits as well as wolf traits. Discards human form to wolf during full moon.


The vampire is a blood-sucking monster. They suck human blood and can even turn them into vampires.