What kind of friend are you?

Friendship is the most amazing relationship we have apart from our family relations because we can choose who we make our friend unlike our family and our bond with our friends can sometimes be mere stronger than family as well. Do you want to know what kind of friend are you? then take this quiz.

What kind of friend am I?

If you want to know what kind of friend are you then take this quiz to know because this quiz is made for you to know what kind of friend are you are and if you need to do something to change yourself a little bit. Friendships are the beautiful bonds to exist. Love can sometimes change but friendship doesn't. 

Am I a good friend?

Every friend is good but their intentions, upbringings, and situations change them. No friend is bad it's just how you treat them. Anyone treated with love can be changed. Freinds are of different kinds and if you want to know what kind are you do this quiz asap. 

First friend

You are a friend that someone has had for a long time. You have a strong bond with them. 

Fake friend

You are a fake friend who gets jealous easily. You are not into this whole friendship scene at all. 

Good friend

You are a very good friend. You love your friends and spend time with them and help them as well. 

Caring friend

You are a caring friend who loves to take care of people and are very loving.