Am I a good friend?

Friendship is the only connection we get to choose for most of us and this connection is the most beautiful and strongest. But you might be thinking if you are a good friend or not? but its easy to find out by taking this quiz.

Am I good towards my friends?

If you want to find out if you are good towards your friends or not then take this quiz as this is made for you to quickly get answer to this question. Friendship can be very complicated sometimes because you have your feelings and other persons as well because you are friends. Even if we don't want we tend to hurt our friends. So sometimes we might think we are not friends and that's when you should take this quiz to let go of any stress-related to this question.

Am I fulfilling all my duties towards my friends?

Well, we all kind of want to know if we are good friends or not so let's take this quiz and find out. We all have some duties that we should fulfill as a friend. These duties are said and if we fail to fulfill them then that's where the question come that am I a good friend? and this can be really disturbing because even if you did not mean things to happen they did. But to get answers to this question take this easy peasy quiz and be clear. 



Yes, you are a good friend to your friends. You comfort them when needed and love them and have fun as well.


No, you are not a good friend. You need to improve a little bit to make your friends love you more and build a connection with them.